Russians Refuse to Provide Pakistan Crude oil on Discount

russia refuse to provide oil to Pakistan

NewsToday: Russia rejected Pakistan's request to grant them a 30-40% discount on crude oil, claiming that no action can be taken at this time.

During meetings in Moscow, Musadik Malik, state minister for petroleum, joint secretary, and official of hr Pakistan in the Embassy, requested the discount.

The Russian government may be able to sell crude at the current rates to its main customers, according to several russian sources. As the centerpiece of the Russian request, the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline runs from Karachi to Lahore, Punjab.

It was expressed during the meetings that Pakistan wanted to alter the model of the PSGP project. The Russian side says the project model has already been finalized within the GtG structure, with just a few shareholder agreement terms remaining.

Sabahat Abid


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