Saudi Arabia Provide 1,000 E-Scooters to Pilgrims in Holy Site


Newstoday: Saudi General Authority introduces the service of thousand electric scooters for Hajj Pilgrims, with an aim to enhance their mobility within holy places.This step was previously taken by the TGA group during the previous Hajj season. The supply of e-scooters is part of the TGA's attempts to provide pilgrims with varied mobility alternatives and improve their overall experience during the rites.

To protect the safety of pilgrims, the e-scooters will go on a special track apart from other cars and pedestrians. The railway is 2 kilometres long, stretching from Kadana station to the Mahbas Al-Jin tunnel, which links to Bab Ali station in the Grand Mosque. In addition, the TGA has appointed a specialised staff to teach and instruct pilgrims on how to use e-scooters properly. The authorities is still working on developing and improving the e-scooter service, as well as putting in place the appropriate legislation.

Sabahat Abid


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