Second Russian Oil Cargo Arrives at Karachi Port


Newstoday: The arrival of the second cargo which is 55,000 tons almost of crude oil arrived at Karachi airport after a huge waiting docking sequence. As soon as the berthing plan is finalised, the ship will dock at the oil pier. Earlier today, the 'Clyde Noble' ship delivering URAL oil was in the Arabian Sea its way to the port of Karachi. The second shipment was meant to arrive on June 20, but it was delayed by a week and is now scheduled to dock today.

A tanker carrying 45,000 tonnes of Russian crude oil landed at the Karachi port on June 12, delivering Pakistan its first supply of URAL crude. Following months of talks between the two nations over the conditions of the transaction, the government placed the initial purchase for 100,000 tonnes of Russian crude oil in April of this year. Russia delivered the first oil shipment.However, the shipments were taken via smaller ships due to heavy load of over 50,000 tons of oil. 

Sabahat Abid


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