Sheikh Rasheed's Ancestral Residence, Lal Haveli, Got Sealed

NewsToday: Sheikh Rasheed, the former interior minister, and AML chief, went to Lahore High Court after the Government ordered to seal of Lal Haveli's residence completely.
Advocate Sardar Raziq Khan submitted the petition at 11 am on behalf of Sheikh Rashid, which will be heard by the Court today. While speaking to the News reporter, he said the govt completely sealed his residence and didn't give any notice from ETPB. At the moment of sealing, Sheikh Rasheed was not present in the Haveli. He said the Govt wanted to arrest me, but I was not present there; therefore, they sealed my resort.

Further, Sheikh stated that he would publicly hang us if they proved the residence was not mine, and he claimed that this was his property. According to the Deputy Commission, Sheikh Rasheed, with his brother, illegally occupied the lands of Haveli. Also, DC has sent the notice to Sheikh Rasheed of illegal property and provided authentic documents. He said his brother and Sheikh Rasheed failed to provide evidence ad authentic documents o their ownership. PTI Secretary General Asad Umar support and condemns the Government's illegal action while stating on Twitter. 

"Govt did it to presurize Sheich Rasheed and attack on his resience by using state machinery."

Sabahat Abid


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