Supreme Court Bans from Riding Heavy Bikes on Motorways

motorway bike banned

NewsToday: The Supreme Court upheld a four-year-old high court decision that denied motorcycle riders banned to riding on highways.

The Supreme Court has ruled that this issue be limited in order to protect people and reduce traffic accidents. An appeal against a decision issued by the Islamabad High Court four years ago was approved by a three-judge supreme court led by Justice Sardar Tariq Masood.
The appeal to the Supreme Court demanded a better standard operating procedure for riding a motorbike on the highway.
The National Highway Safety Ordinance's Section 45 was the basis for Justice Muhammad Ali Mazahar's nine-page ruling. The decision was made to protect public life and liberty. The government banned the operation of a motorcycle or other motor vehicle in a certain place or on a specific route for the safety and convenience of the public.

Sabahat Abid


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