Suzuki Launched Compact SUV in India, Cheaper Than Pakistani Alto

Newstoday: Maruti Suzuki, a well-known automobile manufacturer in India, just launched the Suzuki Fronx, a tiny crossover SUV. The new automobile, which is based on the Baleno chassis, has a starting price of INR 7.47 lacs (PKR 25 lacs)..The new Suzuki Fronx comes in six distinct variations, with the most expensive model costing INR 13.14 lacs (PKR 45 lacs). The base variation of the Fronx is less costly than all varieties of the Pakistani Suzuki Alto, with the exception of the base model. The primary reason for this pricing disparity is that India builds automobiles, but Pakistani automakers only assemble them. This implies that India can manufacture every component of the automobile domestically, but Pakistani automakers must still import core components.

Sabahat Abid


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