Taiwan Announces to Pay Tourists to Visit their Country


Newstoday: Taiwan unveiled additional incentives last week in an effort to attract 10 million visitors by 2025 after visitor numbers fell to less than 900,000 in 2022. Taiwan's premier named, Chen Chien-Jen, recently announced that the government is planning for this year to attract at least 6 million visitors. To reach the target, the nation will grant 5,000 New Taiwan dollars (about $163) to 500,000 travelers and 20,000 New Taiwan dollars (about $651) to 90,000 tour groups. The allowances will be granted this year through a series of promotional activities, according to Tourism Bureau Director-General Chang Shi-Chung. According to the report, allowance distribution will be given in promotional events. The tourist who was given NT$5,000 will not be able to receive it until they come to visit Taiwan. The payment will be given through an electronic ticketing card that can be further used to pay for expenses and food.

Furthermore, Domestic and overseas agencies are also given incentives for the enhancement of tourism. The country is looking for countries to visit their nation such as HongKong, Europe, America, South Korean, Japan, and Macao.

Sabahat Abid


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