There are Chances of Major Earthquakes in Pakistan, says Meteorological Department


NewsToday: According to the recent statement by the Department of Meteorology, there are chances of a significant earthquake hitting the regions of Pakistan and its neighboring. Due to poor technology, it cannot predict future earthquake lines. A few days ago, a rumor spread on social media about the earthquake can be recorded in Pakistan. The meteorological department also operates its monitoring system in 30 stations for the seismic record. Daily, earthquakes have been recorded across the country on low medium. Although we know an earthquake is a natural phenomenon.

According to the department statement, seismic monitoring currently records 100 earthquakes daily. Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan have faced significant earthquakes in history. There is no such connection by the way Turkey and Pakistan and no direct fault lines linked, which proves that Pakistan's situation would remain normal, Inshallah.

Sabahat Abid


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