What are the Top 10 Fashion Designing Universities In Lahore?

Top Fashion Designing Universities In Lahore

Fashion designing is one of the biggest Industries in Pakistan. It is full of great innovations, ideas, and glamor. Each year, a large number of students choose this field as their career. Most people love to wear brand products. And for that purpose, they tend to use the styles of famous fashion designers like Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, and many more. There are a number of institutions offering fashion design courses all over the world. If you live in Lahore, looking for the Top 10 Fashion Designing Universities in Lahore must be your concern. Well, put the worries aside and stop searching for the best universities over the internet. You have got your back covered by coming to the right place. I’ve shortlisted some institutes below that offer qualification in this field. Go on reading!

Top 10 Fashion Designing Universities in Lahore

Following are the leading private and government universities facilitating students to start their careers as fashion designers;

  • Lahore School of Fashion Design

  • University of Management and Technology

  • Beaconhouse National University

  • Hajvery University

  • Superior University

  • National College of Arts

  • Institute for Art & Culture

  • Punjab Tianjin University of Technology

  • University of South Asia

  • National College of Management and Design

Private Universities

  1. Lahore School of Fashion Design

Lahore School of Fashion Design is also called LSFD. It is one of the best private sectors in Lahore. The foremost goal is to train undergraduates in a variety of skills, including visual arts, Interior Design and Fashion. Students learn critical and creative thinking, and also the ways to visualize their ideas in multiple dimensions. It closes before 6 PM. My opinions regarding this organization are;

  • Allows graduates to work in studios as well

  • Located near Punjab University

  • Non-cooperative staff

  1. University of Management and Technology

University of Management and Technology comes in the category of highly-professional private Institutes. It facilitates students with a number of programs related to Medical, IT, Fashion design, and other industries. I got various suggestions to opt for this university. The merit system includes 30% Fsc, 20% matric, and 50% entry test marks; that is pretty cool to me. However, as per my experience;

  • It gives scholarships to students for their ease

  • Empowers tutees to conquer emerging industrial challenges

  • High Fee-Structures

  1. Beaconhouse National University

Beaconhouse National University was established in 2003 to facilitate freshers with tertiary education in social sciences, architecture, humanities, design, media, etc. The Punjab Government has awarded this organization with the degree awarding charter. There is the facility of merit-based scholarships for not only enrolled but fresh graduates. I visited this university and what I experienced is;

  • Highly empowering environment

  • Affordable Fee requirements

  • A limited number of seats

  1. Hajvery University

Hajvery University is a private sector for graduates to not only learn, but discover and transform also. I have shortlisted it under the category of Top 10 Fashion Designing Universities in Lahore for some reasons. There is the faculty of commerce & Banking, Fashion & Textile Design, Business, Media Studies, and many more. It allows students to take loans at their disposal. According to my point of view;

  • Best Government chartered Organization

  • Offers awards in the honor of the outstanding performance

  • No proper admission guidance

  1. Superior University 

One of the well-known Institutes for the graduation-level study is the Superior University. There is the facility of top-notch Entrepreneurial training and teaching programs for freshers. Students studying here can not only scale up their existing businesses but start a new one also. It is the best option to learn new techniques for future implementation on a professional scale. In accordance with my experience;

  • Suitable working hours for employees

  • Highly-competent education system

  • Not good learning opportunities

Government Universities

  1. National College of Arts 

The National College of Arts was founded in 1875. Also known as NCA, it facilitates not only postgraduate and undergraduate programs but short courses and diplomas also. It is located near Anarkali Bazar, Lahore. NCA is the second oldest public university in South Asia. The International tuition fee for Design and Fine Arts is Rs.695,000, but there may be some amendments in near future.

  • Offers administrative services

  • Both academic as well as non-academic facilities

  • Poor management system

  1. Institute for Art & Culture

Art helps build new ideas, and culture triggers the reflection of society. The Institute for Art & Culture is a government sector to find solutions through cultural, science, and art education. The primary goal is to teach students to think logically, act creatively, and question critically in whatever field they are in. There is the facility of extracurricular opportunities for graduates. What I think of this organization is;

  • Great-quality infrastructure

  • Best University to explore your talent

  • Institute closes too soon

  1. Punjab Tianjin University of Technology 

Punjab Tianjin University of Technology aims to promote technical education among tutees depending on what the industry demands. The foremost focus is to attract high-caliber students by providing great art training facilities. It upgrades teaching staff in accordance with the relevance of the modern curriculum. Keeping these aspects apart, what I  personally think of this organization is;

  • Embrace the state of vocational training

  • Fully-experienced teachers

  • Laboratory equipment needs improvement

  1. University of South Asia 

The University of South Asia is devoted to making Pakistan a better place through great research and innovative ideas. The eligibility criteria for all programs, excluding DPT, is 50% Fsc marks. Students can take advantage of quality laundry and meal services in hostels. However, the scholarship is only based on merit. I suggest you opt for this organization, but first, have a look at my points of view;

  • Separate hostels for girls and boys

  • Highly comfortable study environment

  • No extracurricular activities

  1. National College of Management and Design

Punjab University has awarded the National College of Management and Design as an affiliated Institute in Pakistan. It is located near Imran Hussain Road, Gulberg, Lahore. Admissions in multiple industries like Mass Communication, BBA, and Fashion Design are available. It also offers less than 4 years of programs. As per my experience;

  • Provides online degree courses

  • Qualified teachers

  • Delays students’ degrees


I have enlisted my reviews regarding different government and private sectors in Lahore to have graduation in Fashion design. However, which university you would like to opt is completely up to your decision.

Sabahat Abid


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