Turkey's Earthquake Damage is Expected to Exceed $100 Billion, Says UN

Turkey Damage

Newstoday: Damage from last month's terrible earthquakes in Turkey likely approach $100 billion, according to a UN Development Programme (UNDP) official, ahead of a big donor conference next week.The February 6 shocks killed around 52,000 people in southern Turkey and northwestern Syria. Several were killed or buried while sleeping. The preliminary damage number, which Vinton said solely applies to Turkey, will serve as the foundation for a donor meeting in Brussels on March 16 to gather funds for survivors and restoration.

The World Bank originally assessed direct damage in Turkey at $34.2 billion, but it now says recovery and reconstruction costs would be significantly higher, and economic disruptions induced by the quakes will also add to the cost. World bank and Euorpean union had calculated the damage due to earthquake in Turkiye and Syria.

Sabahat Abid


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