Ukraine Shot Down 24 Russian Drones in One Night

NewsToday: Ukraine's army shot down around 24 drones in 24 hours during a Russian strike last night. 

According to the Ukraine authorities, the Russian army attacked first in their Capital in the morning and also in the central region last night. In response, Ukraine attacked Russia with 24 Russian drones with anti-aircraft. In the suburbs of the capital, 15 out of 24 Russian drones were downed. No damage was caused by the downed drones targeting the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian army officials say they are concerned that Russia will launch more air and missile attacks. Caution has been advised to the public.Ukraine broadcaster has reported that one person was killed and 4 others wounded due to Russia shelling at Kochubeivka. 

Bridget Brink, US ambassador to Ukraine tweeted this morning about Russian forces as another cruel attack and failed attack. Most of the drones were shot down in the center of the county in the area of the air command center that is covering the central-Ukrainian region.

Sabahat Abid


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