Wall Chalking, Plastic Bags to be Completely Banned in Karachi


Newstoday: Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab has stated that the city will be ''clean and green'' after the authorities eliminate wall-chalking and prohibit plastic bags by strictly enforcing regulations. On Tuesday, he presided over a meeting of department heads after arriving at the (KMC) headquarters. He stated that a one-stop shop would be established to provide services and other amenities. At the event, Deputy Mayor Salman Abdullah thanked the Karachis citizens for accepting the new leadership. Further, he stated that his main agenda was to stabilize KMC and also to clean Karachi from the drains and waste.

The most challenging time period for Karacites is during the Monsoon season. He further stated that the Citizens would see a clean city in just the next hundred days. He said the basic infrastructure of the city, the road maintenance, and the street lights would be done on priority. KMC hospitals will be upgraded so that inhabitants may receive quality medical care, he added.The mayor stated that numerous initiatives for municipal enhancement will be launched through public-private partnerships, allowing the business sector to participate in city building and development.

Sabahat Abid


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