What Are the Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan?

best abaya brands

News Today:  Abaya is a loose cloak style garment that Muslim women always adore the most. Traditionally, its colour is black, but now other colours and varieties are also preferred by women with different styling. Besides Islamic traditions, women wear abayas due to traditional and cultural values. In this article, I have given the best abaya brands in Pakistan that make burqas of different fabrics and sell them at different prices. Look at the brands and choose your favourite styles.

Top Five Abaya Brands in Pakistan

Being a Muslim country, Pakistan has been bestowed with a rich cultural heritage. Here, people love to style themselves with clothing. As the fifth population-wise largest country in the world, one of the biggest industries here is textile.  The fashion industry has been growing here for many years as the purchasing parity of people has increased. With the focus on traditional dresses, now brands design burqas, and hijabs for Pakistani women as approximately eighty to ninety per cent prefer wearing abayas. The fabric and styles with embellishment, stonework and plain in which burqas are sold by these brands are given here:

● Plain abayas

● Embroidered burqas

● Butterfly style

● Front open burqas

● Coat button abayas

● Denim abaya

● Luxury, Hajj and umrah collection

Vohra and Saigol

This brand has been working for years to provide its customers with quality products with honesty. For online shopping, this is the best site. Started as a jewellery shop, and now they have become the leading clothing brand in Pakistan. Elegance in their abayas makes your look perfect. Unique styling and quality fabric depict the lifestyle in variety. The premium abaya clothing line is named Rabaya ( modest clothing) by the brand. I found it as the best abaya brands in Pakistan and here I have given the list of all styles and with their fabric of abaya given below:

● Periwinkle (Korean Fabric for occasional wear) 6,990.48 PKR

● Slate (Coat Style with high-quality Korean fabric) 6,990.48 PKR

● Sable (Printed Black georgette fabric) 6,390.16 PKR

● Printed abaya (Enthralling print for regular wear) 6,690.32 PKR

● Puissant (Enticing colour of Nida fabric) 7,290.08 PKR

● Black Print Abaya (Engrossing print of daily wear) 6,690.32 PKR

● Bountiful (Delicate occasional wear) 11,990.16 PKR

● Voguish (Embroidery black Nida Korean fabric) 20,990.48 PKR

● Exalted (Quality Nida Korean fabric) 14,500.08 PKR


If you love wearing a combination of enchanting colours with unique designs, then Spinzar is a good choice. It has a variety of formal, wedding, casual and luxury burqas collections with cultural touch in design in all price ranges. The class and elegance show in their burqas as they are made from standard fabrics. A list of Spinzar abayas collection is given below:

● Koh-I-Noor (Special occasions wear of crepe fabric with woven type)

Blue in colour, Price: 15000.00 PKR

● Marjan (Woven type floral embroidery Balochi design)

Maroon in colour, Price: 32,500.00 PKR

● Flary Black (Front pocket with fancy buttons with unique pattern)

Black in colour, Price: 10,500.00 PKR

● Paisley Charm (Printed fabric in Keiri style)

Rust White Paisley in Colour, Price: 12,500.00 PKR

● Rose Quartz (Hand embroidery with paste shade on sleeves and front)

Pale Dogwood in colour, Price: 11,500.00 PKR

● Bootidar (Kashmiri motive with vintage floral)

Black in colour, Price: 24,400.00 PKR



It is renowned for the designer collections in abayas and hijab. It offers from low to high price custom designed burqas on demand. Variety is eye-catching as the designs are in all traditional colours and modern styles. This is a pioneer brand that has been working since 1998 by providing unmatched quality at reasonable prices. Know about the designer collection of burqas which is known as the Hijabulhareem Sheikha collection given below:

● Front open with crepe dupatta is available at 7,650.00 PKR.

● Pullover design style with Chiffon dupatta at 8,750.00 PKR.

● Plain Blue over in Arabic style of georgette fabric at 4,900.00 PKR.

● Black Arabic designed front close at 4,900.00 PKR.

● Stone worked a pullover with Hareer dupatta in Chiffon at 9,050.00 PKR.

● Open-style pearl and lace fabric hand work at 9,350.00 PKR.

●  Inner close front and upper open front with chiffon dupatta at 9,300.00 PKR.

 Pins and Pearls:

For the simple yet attractive style and colours in Abayas, I recommend the Pins and Pearls brand. Starting in 2014, this brand has been selling unique designs in burqas while maintaining high quality. The motto of this brand is modesty to meet the dressing challenges of Muslim women. Check out the variety of it’s collection given here:

Everyday Burqa Wear:

● Thyme Green Buttoned at Rs.4350 PKR.

● Dark Teal at Rs.4350 PKR.

● Dark Blue Collared at Rs.7450 PKR.

● Burgundy Mome Gemstone at Rs.8550 PKR.

● Cafe Brown abaya at Rs.4350 PKR.

● Matcha Everyday Wear at Rs. 4350 PKR.

Winter Abayas:

● Cream Knit Co-ord at Rs.4800 PKR

● Beige Knit at Rs.4600 PKR

● Heather Grey at Rs.4200 PKR

Black Camels

This is an online brand of abayas, shoes, handbags and hijabs for people of all classes. It is offering abayas in every style of quality fabric. Prices of burqas depend on the work and  material used. Moreover, it respectfully deals with the customers and pays heed to their concerns about clothing details. Collection of black camels burqas is given here:

● Hababa Angrakha's price is Rs 4000.

● Maahi Maxi's price is Rs 4500.

● Ava Zipper's price is Rs 4000.

● Winter Long Cardigans price is Rs 6000.

● Blue Butterfly's price is Rs 11000.

● Niloufar's Turkish price is Rs 5150.

● Golnaz price is Rs 7999.

● Zaynab Bridal Maxi's price is Rs 8999.

● Horiya Casual price is Rs 4150.

● Fukayna Maxi price is Rs 7000.

All of the mentioned above are the incredible abaya brands in Pakistan. From casual to fancy wear, all kinds of burqas with different styling are available. I found Vohra and Saigol as the best brands for their unique services, quality and fabrics. Select the burqa brand that you find suitable for you.



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