What Are The Best Government Universities in Lahore, Pakistan?

Best Government Universities in Lahore

News Today : Finding the ideal university soon after receiving an intermediate degree is challenging. Selecting the top institution might take a lot of work, especially if you want to study in Lahore. Many universities are private, while others are part of the public sector. Because of the hefty tuition at private institutions, applicants are drawn to enroll in public universities.

This article is for you if you're seeking the best government universities in Lahore. In this article, we have listed the top 10 government universities in Lahore, Pakistan. Read on to learn more about Lahore's government universities.

Top 10 Best Government Universities in Lahore

Here is the list of the top government universities.

  • University of Punjab

  • Government College University

  • University of Education

  • King Edward Medical University

  • Information Technology University

  • Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

  • Fatima Jinnah Medical University

  • University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

  • Allama Iqbal Medical College

  • University of Health Sciences

1-University of Punjab

The best and highest-ranked government university in Lahore is Punjab University. Established on October 14, 1882, it is Lahore's largest and oldest university. It consists of a variety of low-cost programs and courses. It continues to be the top option for students to select for their graduation degree.

  •  5 campuses

  • 19 faculties

  • 10 Constitutional Colleges

  • 137 Departments

More than 658 institutions are associated with the university, and applicants nationwide are eager to enroll. There are many chances for scholarships, highly qualified teachers, and cutting-edge research provided by motivated students.

2-Government College University

Government College of University, or GCU, is the best government university in Lahore. Despite being one of the oldest universities, founded in 1861, it was ranked as a university after 2002. Students have access to academic and extracurricular activities, libraries, sports, exams, transportation, fees, health, career planning, and discipline, as well as human rights, integrity, equality, and diversity concerns.

Academics of GCU, Lahore

  • Chemistry and Life Sciences

  • Meteorological and Physical Sciences

  • Arts & Social Sciences

  • Languages, Islamic & Oriental Learning

3-University of Education

Founded in 2002, the University of Education is a government university that provides higher education. It was named the best university in 2010 by the HEC rankings. The Governor of Punjab is the university's chancellor. Additionally, it has a variety of programs and is linked with other institutions. University of Education has several campuses, including:

  • Lower Mall Campus

  • Attock campus

  • Jauharabad Campus

  • Multan campus

  • Bank Road Campus Lahore

  • Dera Ghazi Khan Campus

  • Faisalabad campus

4- King Edward Medical University

Established in 1860, King Edward Medical University is another highly regarded public university in Lahore. King Edward Medical University was once known as Government Medical University. Every medical student wants to attend this institution because of its favorable learning environment that meets worldwide standards for the best in education and research. This university demands reasonable fees and provides high achievers with many opportunities.

5-Information Technology University

Information Technology Institution, also known as ITU, is a well-known government university in Lahore. It was founded in 2012 by Umer Saif, the head of Pakistani science and CEO of Auto Survey. The university is affiliated with HEC and PEC and offers scholarships and international research opportunities.

ITU also offers the following programs.

  • Degree in Computer Science (Computer Science)

  • (Economics with Data Sciences) (Management and Technology BS)

  • Data Science MS (Data Science)

  • Degree in Computer Engineering (Computer Engineering)

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering)

  • Computer Science MS (Computer Science)

6- Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

Another government university in Lahore, PIFD, was founded in 1994. This institution belongs to Cumulus, which is an organization of universities and colleges that provide art and design education worldwide. It is a prestigious university that stands at the top university list.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Fashion Design

  • Textile Design

  • Leather Accessories and Footwear Design

  • Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

  • Furniture Design and Manufacturing

  • Gems and Jewellery Design

  • Ceramic and Glassware Design

7- Fatima Jinnah Medical University

Fatima Jinnah Medical University, established in 1948 and originally known as Balak Ram Medical College, is one of the major government universities in Lahore.

The library at the institution is furnished with all modern conveniences in compliance with HEC regulations. Membership at the library is free for all registered students who are concurrently taking classes. Its 47,000-volume library has literature on all aspects of health, including textbooks and reference materials. Medical students get the greatest learning chances because of their knowledgeable staff and labs. Additionally, the institution aims to educate women and prepare them to serve their country by offering scholarships and other facilities.

The four divisions of FJM University are as follows:

  • Simple Divisions

  • Clinical Departments

  • Administrative Departments of the Telemedicine Department

8- University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, also known as Lahore Veterinary College, was founded in 1882. The university is also recognized as the oldest veterinary science institution and the top government university in Lahore.

It was most recently affiliated with an agricultural institution before becoming a distinct corporation. There are also graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate programs available.

  • Veterinary and Animal Sciences College

  • Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

  • The Jhang

  •  Bahawalpur (Ravi Campus)

  •  The Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (Ravi Campus)

9- Allama Iqbal Medical College

Allama Iqbal Medical College is another best government university in Pakistan. In medicine, nursing, and health sciences, it provides the best instruction, technology, and services. It was founded in 1975 and is Lahore's top medical institution.

This university collaborates with CPSP, PM&DC, and UHS.

10- University of Health Sciences

The University of Health Sciences was founded in 2002 by the governor of Punjab, who also acts as the university's chancellor. This university, recognized as one of the best for studying medicine, provides the MDCAT test to prospective students.

Additionally, it has ties to the Higher Education Commission, generally known as HEC, and the Pakistan Pharmacy Council, popularly known as PMDC.

These are the courses that UHS offers:

  • Medicine\sDentistry\sPharmacy

  • Allied health sciences and nursing

  • Engineering in biomedicine



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