What Are The Best Saree Brands in Pakistan?

best saree brands

News Today:  A saree is a formal dress worn by women in South Asian countries. Culturally, this drape wear is popular among desi people. Women wear it on all kinds of occasions. Well, this outfit is not a main formal wear in Pakistan. But you will see the women love wearing this piece of cloth. Almost all brands offer sarees in different styles and fabrics in varied price ranges. Here, you will find the best saree brands in Pakistan.

Top Saree Brands in Pakistan

Wearing a saree enhances the look of women. Well, it depends on you how skilfully you carry this outfit. Mostly find it difficult to wear this dress as it requires practice and patience. With the right strategy and under the guidance of experts, it will be quite easy for you to wear this piece of cloth easily. In this article, I have mentioned all recognised brands of saree.

Maria. B

Known as “Coco Chanel” of Pakistan, Maria. B is famous for her innovation in the fashion industry. From casual to wedding wear, you will get all the variety of your choice here. Starting in 1999 as a fashionista, she is passionate to amalgamate eastern and western looks in her dresses. I found her saree collection up to the mark which shows high quality with elegance. The saree prices range from low to high based on the fabric, stones, laces, and embellishments used. The price range started from six thousand to go above one lac. Look at Maria. B some best sarees from her collection are given below:

● Pale Pink in net with pure organza blouse of tissue petticoat price is PKR 74,990.

● The full red raw silk petticoat in net fabric price is PKR 74,990.

● Suit Blue with velvet blouse in chiffon fabric with cotton satin petticoat price is PKR 29,990.

● Suit Pink with raw silk blouse of organza fabric price is PKR 30,990.

● Winter Suit Black in Chamoes saree fabric with velvet blouse and organza pallu price is PKR 29,990.

Tena Durani

To empower women in fashion, Tena Durani is an exemplary name in Pakistani fashion. Her saree collection is beautifully crafted in all fabrics. From classic to modern looks, you will find the sarees variation here. The work on the outfit is fabulous as well as the fabric quality is up to the standard. Her designs are unique and creative in look. You get your product on order custom-made. Prices are fabric, design and work base that you will know after placing an order. If you are looking for some of the best saree brands in Pakistan, the excellent pieces of Sarees from this collection are given here:

● Black Pearl Sari

● Peach Whip Sari

● Aura Sari

● Berry Sari

● Morning Dove Sari

● Baccara Rose Sari

Faiza Saqlain

It is a luxury brand of intriguing designs established in Lahore in 2002. Her sarees are designed with different stones, pearls and top-quality fabric. In my opinion, wearing this outfit will make you look gorgeous and graceful. Most women prefer wearing this brand of outfits that are of high quality. The prices of her saree are given here:

● Noir (Price: Rs125,000)

● Nilofer (Price: Rs 200,000)

● Marmar(Price: Rs140,000)

● Filiz(Price: Rs170,000)

● Maheen(Price: Rs80,000)

● Arasteh(Price: Rs50,000)

● Isla(Price: Rs50,000)

Rizwan Beyg

In 1989, Rizwan Beyg established the design manufacturing company. You get all luxury, wedding, casual, and customised outfits here. The brand uses organic fabric consisting of jamawar, cotton, chiffon, voile, viscose, tulle, georgette and silk velvet. Moreover, the saree collection is outstanding and gives a mesmerising look. You will know about their Sarees prices by contacting them. Some of its best sarees are given here:

● Ilyana white

● Ilyana Black

● Deep purple Marori

● White Gara

● Black Beige Pearl

● Suzani

● Floriana Chicken

● Heavily Embellished

The Saari Girl

This is a brand specifically based on selling Saree. It has a variety from casual to wedding wear. You will find here a beautiful colour combination in standard fabric. My favourite sarees from its collection are given here.

● Velvet breeze in Black

● Velvet breeze in Plum

● Velvet breeze in Emerald

● Sequins Nets in Ruby Red

● Sequin Nets Black Wednesday

All these are the best saree brands in Pakistan. However, their work is distinct from each other in terms of their dress looks, colour pattern and designs. Some brands are quite expensive but some have flexible prices. In my opinion, Tena Durani is a remarkable brand for saree. Get your saree from any brand that you find best.



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