World First Ever Space Hotel Expected to be Ready by 2025

American Based

Newstoday: American-based company is planning to launch its new tech adventure that might be completed in 2025. The first-ever space hotel knows as Pioneer Station. It will build and try to accommodate a maximum of 20 intrepid travelers which will be placed around 39 feet wide it is based on a 3,500 to 14,100 cubic foot complex consisting of 5 ring modules that will be placed in orbit by robotic builders. Voyager will measure 322 feet across, with 24 modules joined together in a spinning ring capable of inducing roughly a sixth of Earth's gravity - the same as on the Moon's surface.

Solar panels facing the sun will supply continual electricity. The company intends to carry Voyager into low-Earth orbit in sections using SpaceX's Starship rocket vessel, which will also transport tourists to the future hotel."The hotel portions of both stations will feature areas for sleeping, dining, and activities such as sports," he stated. They'll have windows for Earth observation, and we're also working on initiatives to involve visitors in scientific activities where they can play with this new artificial gravity and other technologies.

Sabahat Abid


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