YouTube Pasoori Becomes Most Viewed Pakistani Video in 2022

pasoori song trending

NewsToday: Pakistani's YouTube video "Passori" is now trending. Make your movie the most watched in Pakistan. The song "Pasoori" by Ali Seth and Shae Gill reached the top of the charts and had 450 million views on YouTube. The Sufi song "Tu Jhoom" came in second, with Gur Sindhu's "Bamb Aagya" coming in third. This playlist has music of different genres, including hip-hop and classical.

Check out the complete list:

1. Coke Studio | | Pasoori | Ali Sethi x Shae Gill

2. Coke Studio | Tu Jhoom | Naseebo Lal x Abida Parveen

3. BAMB AAGYA (Official Video) Gur Sidhu | Jasmine Sandlas | Kaptaan 

4. THE LAST RIDE – Offical Video | Sidhu Moose Wala | Wazir Patar

5. Coke Studio| Kana Yaari | Kaifi Khalil x Eva B x Abdul Wahab Bugti

6. Kacha Badam Song | Bhuban Badyakar | Kacha Badam Song Remix | Badam Badam Song | New Song 2022

7. Humraazi | New Song | Haroon Kadwani | Kinza Hashmi | Wajhi Farooki |

8. KAKA New Punjabi Song – Mitti De Tibbe (Official Video) | Afsha Khan | Latest Punjabi Songs 2022

9. LEVELS – | Sidhu Moose Wala ft Sunny Malton | The Kidd

10. Aj Kal De Yaar Lootere | Sonia Khan | Ansaar Khan | Ibrar Khan | ( Official Video ) | Shaheen Studio

Sabahat Abid


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