1.5 Billion Rupees Collected Through Challans by Lahore Police

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Newstoday: The day challan quota for traffic cops has lately been eliminated by Lahore City Traffic Police. The police declared that they had discontinued the daily challan quota from across the city and shared the actions they were doing to guarantee easy traffic flow in Lahore. Journalist Ali Ramay, located in Lahore, tweeted that Punjab had abolished the challan quotas system in response to the daily quota system. He stated, "Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has decided to halt the system in Lahore and the rest of the province," and added that from this point forward, the effectiveness of wardens wouldn't be judged by how many daily challans they issue.

He also disclosed information on the sum the police had gathered through challans. Ramay stated, citing a source, that the traffic police in Lahore last year amassed 1.5 billion rupees through traffic challans. In addition, he added, "Lahore department charged 4,790,000 cheques to residents in just one monthly of 2023, bringing in Rs. 20 crores." Although the sum seems improbable, a fact-checking team for a media outlet has verified that this claim is true. According to the article, which cited (CTO) Lahore Mustansar Feroze, traffic police granted 37,416,23 citations last year, most of which were given to those who were riding bicycles without helmets.

Lahore Traffic Challan Details

The following is a detailed report of the tickets issued in 2022:

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