38 People Injured after Tanker Crashed into 48 Vehicles in India

accident in india

In neighboring India, an accident happened on the Pune-Bangalore highway, destroying many vehicles.

NewsToday: According to a fire department spokesman, a tanker crashed with many vehicles, injuring 38 individuals in the traffic collision.

The accident destroyed 48 vehicles, told to the fire department in India.  According to Indian media, the tragedy occurred yesterday on the Pune-Bangalore route. The severe traffic disaster occurred near Navale Bridge in Pune, which is located on the Pune-Bengaluru route. After colliding with one above the other, 48 cars were damaged. As a result, 28 persons were hurt, and the Pune Fire Brigade and the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority responded”, "according to the official report.
According to local media, the tanker's brakes failed, and crashed with multiple vehicles. Oil flowed across the road during the accident, causing additional automobiles to join the pileup.

Sabahat Abid


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