63% Patients Got Treatment from Private hospitals and 37% from Govt Using Sehat Card


Newstoday: A survey of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Card Plus project was conducted at a local hotel in Peshawar, attended by health department officials and individuals from various backgrounds. The survey report, which Aga Khan University issued, revealed that nearly 63% of health card patients were treated at private hospitals, while 37% received treatment at public hospitals. Additionally, 63% of patients preferred receiving treatment in their local hospital, while 30% opted for hospitals in other districts and 6.2% received treatment from hospitals in other provinces. The survey also found that the health card did not yet cover 10% of citizens, and 44% of those without coverage faced domicile or citizenship issues.

The report recommended including citizens in the health card plus policy board and improving the efficiency of hospitals in remote areas by addressing technical flaws. The survey revealed that the average cost of treating a patient was 31,395 rupees, with private hospitals being 20-40% more expensive. The report suggested adding OPD to the treatment, which was supported by 84% of citizens. Despite financial difficulties, the health center will not be closed.

Sabahat Abid


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