6G Network is Expected to be Launch Commercially in 2030


Newstoday: From 2028 to 2030, 6G communication services will see early commercialization, and the market for pre-commercial 6G infrastructure and testbeds will reach $5 billion. A number of tech giants are developing 6G industry standards, including AT&T, Facebook, Nokia, Samsung, and others. The sixth-generation technological standard for cellular networks is known as 6G. And each generational jump of these technologies normally takes roughly ten years. So there was 1G with a mobile voice in the 1980s. Text messaging was available in the 1990s with 2G. 3G was unlocked in the 2000s, followed by 4G, or the mobile internet experience, in the 2010s. Next, we have 5G, which boasts speeds of gigabits per second, the latency of a few microseconds, and a million devices per square kilometer.

Sabahat Abid


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