AIFD Becomes First Fashion School of Pakistan to Present Students’ Craft at Paris Fashion Week


Newstoday:  (AIFD) ranked as first Pakistan's design school to exhibit its students' work at the famed Paris Fashion Week. This was said by the AIFD CEO and creative director on Sunday evening, following the display of ten bright costumes on the runway. On Sunday, the AIFD completed the PFW exhibition with a fashion video including 29 garments, including those seen on the runway. Eight final-year students collaborated on the project. Unlike any other competitor in the PFW, which runs from February 27 to March 7, the Pakistani school revealed the video prior to the showcase. This landmark will enable Pakistani designers to up their game, possibly bringing Pakistani fashion into the worldwide spotlight. AIFD co-founder and CEO Maheen Lakhani Ahmar accomplished this great milestone. Pakistani actress Momal Sheikh and Hasan Rizvi shared some peeks of the fashion presentation with their Instagram followers. 'Enchanted Journey,' AIFD's first-ever student-made Fashion Video, opened the show in Paris.

Sabahat Abid


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