America Added 37 Russian and Chinese Companies to Trade Blacklist


Newstoday: The US has decided to add 37 companies to the trade blacklist for various reasons. They include military collaboration with Russia, military assistance to China, and facilitation of human rights crimes in Burma and China. The US Department of Commerce announced the announcement on Thursday, according to an international source. Commerce Department Assistant Secretary Thea Candler said in a statement that businesses that have national security or foreign policy interests to the United States are added to the Entity List. 'Earlier on Thursday, the Group of 20 ministerial meeting in India ended without any announcement due to the stand of Russia and China.

The G20 summit held in the capital of India, New Delhi, ended without a consensus due to a big difference in the forum members' stance on the Russia-Ukraine war. A short discussion was also held during the meeting between American Foreign Minister Antony Blanken and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov; however, no joint declaration could be published at the end of the meeting owing to Russia and China's objections. In relation to this meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blanken stated that he has requested that Russia cease the war in Ukraine.

According to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the conference's sidelines, Russia and China chastised Western countries on Thursday for "blackmailing and threatening" other countries.

Sabahat Abid


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