Arrest Warrant Issued for Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah by an Anti-Terrorism Court

Rana Sanuallah

Newstoday: A Gujranwala anti-terrorism court issued a search warrant for Rana Sanaulla on Friday. Deputy Punjab Chief Secretary Azam Khan and his relatives were threatened with death by the senior PML-N leader, according to a PML-Q leader Shahkaz Aslam. A police officer at the Industrial Police Station received the accusation from the accused during August 2022. FIR mentioned that Rana Sanuallah had built terror, anxiety, and unrest in Pakistani people. Police accepted the report given by ATC. The Court issued to the investigation officer, DSP, and SP investigation show-cause notices and ordered him to present himself in court on 7th March.

Sabahat Abid


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