Atleast 99 People Died in Malawi by Cyclone Freddy

People Died

Newstoday: According to Charles Kalemba, Malawi's commissioner for disaster management affairs, at least 99 people were killed by Cyclone Freddy on Monday. Kalemba claims that most of Malawi's killings occurred in Blantyre, its commercial center. Kalemba told CNN on Monday evening that 99 people have died in around seven councils, with 85 deaths in Blantyre alone. " Malawi's President has expressed concern over Cyclone Freddy's devastation in the country's southern region. "As a result, the government is already responding to emergencies, providing immediate aid to all impacted districts, and requesting local and international assistance for all families affected by this calamity," the statement continued.

Sabahat Abid


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