FIFA 2022 Brazil Defeated South Korea in Pre-Quarterfinals

fifa world cup 2022

Newstoday: After the Brazilian team beat South Korea in the pre-quarterfinal, the match was named after the legendary football player Pele.

Brazil defeated South Korea 4-1 in Doha, and to commemorate the victory, the Brazilian players carried a banner depicting the legendary footballer Pele onto the field.

Pele is now unwell and receiving treatment in the hospital; with this triumph, he conveyed a message that the whole Brazilian country, including the football squad, is rooting for him and hoping for his recovery.

On the other side, in the match against South Korea, the Brazilian squad made a World Cup record by being the first team in history to feed all 26 players, including the three goalkeepers, during the tournament.

Sabahat Abid


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