China Arrested Man Over Fake Train Crash News Generated By ChatGPT

China Police

Newstoday: China arrested a man who allegedly use ChatGPT to make fake news about a train crash, detained from Gansu province. According to the reporters, the story has narrated that there are nine people who got killed in the crash in China province of Gansu. The story got more than 15,000 clicks in a minute after which, police arrested the person. According to the statement given by the police officer, the person got identified and got arrested for conducting false information after police verified the accounts and found that this company was involved.

He generated the news and posted it on the Baidu-owned social media platform and later on reported by the police investigation. There are a lot of complains regarding generating content in Chat gpt which is not true in nature. China adminstration has banned the site for making such false content. However, after its launch, there is a fear among the people and specially writers of taking of their jobs from their hands and shfting the job industries into AI bots.

Sabahat Abid


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