Chinese balloon Clearly Being Used for Spying Purposes: US

Chinese administration

Newstoday: The Chinese balloon was definitely being used for spying, according to the US State Department. It has been stated that the Chinese balloon was evidently using it for espionage and had many antennas mounted on it, indicating that it was transmitting "geo-locating communications" data while also disclosing new details about the Chinese balloon.

A US State Department official reportedly told foreign media that the balloon had just entered US airspace and was outfitted with gadgets that may be used for signal intelligence gathering operations. They said that the Chinese balloon was a component of China's surveillance operation that crossed five continents, forty countries, and the US border and was outfitted with espionage gear as opposed to an airship that gathers weather data. The producer of the balloons has close links to the Chinese military, the US official claimed under the condition of anonymity.

Sabahat Abid


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