Chinese Museums Loan 173 Art Pieces from Pakistan's Gandhara Region

China Beijing

Newstoday: China Beijing has loaned the masterpiece collections from Pakistan Gandhara Region to showcase in their Bejing exhibition. Pakistan officials will also be invited to join this event which is another gateway to increase the collaboration between China and Pakistan in the field of Cultural heritage. It was a total of 173 masterpieces which was collected from the museum of Peshawar, Dir, Hund, Karachi, Islamabad, Taxila, and Swat, which will be displayed at the Beijing exhibition on 15 February. This exhibition will take place for 3 months long.

According to the archaeological department, KP and Punjab have provided support by giving loans for their best artifacts. Ten items, including a gold Greek artifact from the second century, have been loaned by the Islamabad Museum.

Sabahat Abid


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