Climate Defender Ayisha Siddiqa Named in Women of the Year 2023 List

American Magazine

Newstoday: The American magazine Time published a list of the year's most influential women, which includes Pakistan's climate activist Aiysha Siddiqa. The 2023 list also included names of women from Mexico, Iran, Brazil, Ukraine, and Pakistan, among others, who have been notable in a variety of fields, including politics, human rights, and the arts. After becoming a personal victim of climate change, Siddiqa became a climate and human rights, advocate. Around the age of 14, she realized that her surroundings were unsafe. Siddiqa is regarded as a powerful voice in climate change action. She presented her poetry, "So much about your sustainability, my people are dying."

She began her activism as a climate sustainability worker at the age of 16. For the last 24 years, she has been emphasizing the effect of climate change problems occurring all over the world, with a specific emphasis on the least-developed nations suffering the brunt of climate change.

In 2020, she co-founded the "Polluters Out" international climate youth coalition and launched a climate training course called "Fossil Free University."During an interview with the magazine, she stated: "I was raised to believe that the Planet is a living thing. She grants you life in exchange for a duty. We have reached a stage where we are collectively disregarding Mother Earth's screams. Because of the same mechanisms that abuse, harm, and take without consent, the climate problem is related to women and girls." "This is how we act with the globe. This is how we treat the same thing that sustains us ", she observed. "Human rights breaches completely startled me. Climate defenders and people simply seeking clean air and water have been linked to violence ", the climate activist emphasized.

Sabahat Abid


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