Commanding Officer Of Indian Army Commit Suicide In Training Center

NewsToday: The body of 43-year-old Colonel Nishit Khanna was found hanging from the ceiling in a training center in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. According to Indian media, the commanding officer at the training center of the Indian Army in the Jabalpur area of Madhya Pradesh did not open the door even after knocking several times in the morning. Col. Nishit Khanna's body was swinging on the fan when the fellow officers broke the door and entered, and a letter with only "Sorry" was lying nearby.

The body was taken to a nearby hospital where the doctor said the death was due to suffocation due to the pressure of the rope on the throat. The cause of suicide hasn't been determined yet. Colonel Khanna was posted in Madhya Pradesh in October 2022 and has not been able to meet his wife and children since then. After necessary operations, the body was returned to its native area. The reason for suicide was investigated by an inquiry committee. It should be noted that a 29-year-old captain committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling in another military training center in Madhya Pradesh last week.

Sabahat Abid


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