World Largest Radio Telescope Construction will Start Today

world largest Radio Telescope

NewsToday:  The Square Kilometer Array will be launched in 2028 as the world's largest radio telescope. It is one of the great science undertakings of the twenty-first century. 

There will be one. Activities are taking place in rural Murchisonshire, Western Australia, and Northern Cape Kakaroo, South Africa, with delegations from all 8 countries involved in the project. The telescope's earliest phases will feature only 200 parabolic antennas, or "dishes," and 131,000 dipole antennae. 

The technology will operate in the 50 MHz to 25 GHz frequency band, allowing the telescope to detect very weak radio signals from Earth billions of light-years distant.The world's biggest telescope will aid in the search for solutions to astrophysical riddles.

Sabahat Abid


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