Covid-19 pandemic Left 1.6 Million Youth Unemployed in Pakistan: World Bank Report

World Bank

Newstoday: As per the World Bank news report, Covid-19 has impact badly affected 1.6 million south asia youth. Study finds that students in preschool dropped the enrolment ration by over 15% at the end of 2021. The average loss of instruction for youngsters of school age is 32 days for every 30 days when schools are closed. The reason behind school closure and poor remote learning cause the students to miss out the learning and also they forget how to learn.

In South Asia, learning poverty has worsened further due to the pandemic, with 78% of 10-year-olds incapable of reading and understanding simple written sentences after the pandemic. According to a press release quoting Martin Raiser, the World Bank's vice president for South Asia, "The pandemic forced schools to close, destroyed jobs, and threw vulnerable people into crisis, resulting in the loss of opportunities for millions of children and young people throughout South Asia.

Sabahat Abid


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