Cricketer Asif Afridi was Banned for 2 years due to Match Fixing

Spinner Asif Afridi

NewsToday: International cricketer and spinner Asif Afridi was banned by PCB for 2 years due to a match-fixing corruption case. There is a zero-tolerance policy for corruption, according to PCB Chairman Najam Sethi, and the punishment will be enforced starting on September 12, 2022, when the suspension will begin.

PCB management said that such corruption cases would be a threat in the future to our game. Selfish, corrupt cricketers should be abolished from the game and must be tempted in any way and means. Further, she said that the Pakistan cricket board is investing heavily in players grooming to eliminate the scourge through reporting and creating awareness among some players. PCB will show no sympathy to those players who fall for bait despite all these efforts given by Board.

Sabahat Abid


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