DC Imposes Section 144 After Jail Bharo Movement Begins in Peshawar

DC of Peshawar

Newstoday: According to National News, the  DC of Peshawar has implemented Section 144 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's provincial capital due to the existing state of law and order. A statement issued by the deputy commissioner's Office in Peshawar stated that gatherings of more than five people are forbidden in the province capital and that any violators of Section 144 will lead to judicial action. The message went on to say that given the current law and order situation, gatherings of more than five people are prohibited. Following the PTI's "Jail Bharo Tehreek," the Punjab government instructed law enforcement to pursue legal action against Section 144 offenders in Lahore.

In response to terrorist threats and the current Pakistan Super League, the Punjab government's spokesperson said that Section 144 had been implemented in several sections of the city and that particular measures had been taken on Mall Road (PSL). It is important to note that the Punjab government implemented Section 144 at three locations in Lahore: the Civil Secretariat and its surrounding roadways along Main Boulevard Gulberg and the Mian Mir Bridge to Istanbul Chowk.

Sabahat Abid


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