Dead Woman Wins Election in India

unbelievable incident

Newstoday: The shocking incident happened last two weeks ago, as a woman wins the elections after her death in India. As per the report, the candidate's name was Ashiya Bi died due to long-term sickness and suffering from lung and abdominal infections. At that time, Uttar Pradesh municipal elections were having theirs in northern India. Before the result of the election was announced the woman died and there was not any procedure for removing her name from the ballet once the process of the elections begin in the state. According to the international media, the dead woman wins the election after receiving 44% of the votes in the game for the municipal civic body seat in the Bijnor district.

30 years old woman made victorious winning. It is important to mention here that the dead woman's husband told the election member about her death but it was too late and there is not any procedure for removing her name. The woman had made many friends easily and people promise to cast a vote in favor of her when they came to know about her death, they still voted for her because they do not want to break the promise they made with her. Further, the voters have told the media that their votes are a tribute to her.

Sabahat Abid


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