Death Toll Rise Above 7 thousand 926 due to Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

magnitude earthquake

Newstoday: The deadly 7.9 magnitude earthquake caused more than 7,026 fatalities in Syria and Turkey, along with thousands of injuries, many of which are life-threatening. More growth is anticipated. After the earthquake in the impacted areas, according to international media. The aftershocks keep happening. Around 1932, people died in Syria, while 5,084 people have perished in Turkey, according to reports to date. The number of injured people taken to the hospital and additional people who emerged from the rubble is both given in the thousands. While the search for more survivors is ongoing, and there is concern that the number of fatalities may rise, the Turkish Minister of Health reported that 8,000 individuals who were trapped under the rubble had been rescued. He said that 380,000 displaced citizens have also been given housing.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proclaimed a week of mourning, during which time the country's flag will fly at half-staff and all schools will be shuttered. Additionally, the Turkish president has placed the 10 most hit provinces under a three-month state of emergency. Shahbaz Sharif's condolences to the Turkey Government and people for the loss of lives and said they are standing with them in any difficulty. Pakistan is ready to help Turkey people in every possible way.

Sabahat Abid


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