Dollar Decreased by 7 Paisa and Reached Rs 286.81 in the Interbank

dollar's value

Newstoday: A mixed trend has been observed in the US dollar's value in the country, with erratic fluctuations in its performance in different markets. While the dollar experienced a marginal depreciation in the interbank market, it appreciated in the open market by a noteworthy margin of 5 rupees. The State Bank has released data indicating that the dollar became cheaper by 7 paise, bringing its value to 286 rupees and 81 paise in the interbank.

In contrast, its closing value of 286 rupees and 88 paise was recorded the day before. Meanwhile, in the open market, the dollar's value has depreciated by a considerable margin of Rs 5, bringing its current value to Rs 305. These fluctuations in the US dollar's value reflect the dynamic nature of the market and its sensitivity to various economic factors.

Sabahat Abid


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