Dr Hamid Choi First Person toTranslate the Holy Quran into Korean

Dr hamid choi

NewsToday: The Quran and the Sahih Bokhari have been translated into Korean by Korean Muslim Dr. Hamid Choi. Despite the long process, the translation was completed in seven years. An international university in South Korea employs him as a lecturer of Arabic and Islamic studies.

Samahatusy Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, rahiimahulloh, was the rector of Madinah's Islamic University when he obtained his education. The Shaykh held a unique place in his heart for him. The sheikh frequently invited him to his residence and entertained him there. His country's minority Muslim population might have influenced him.

Sheikh bin Baz was struck by him, particularly his depth of knowledge and moral integrity. Additionally, he has translated Shahih Bukhari into Korean, and he has authored or translated over 90 other titles in Islamic disciplines as well.

Sabahat Abid


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