Ex-minister Sheikh Rasheed's Bail Granted and get Release Orders

Sheikh Rasheed

Newstoday: Islamabad High Court ruled on the bail application of former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed. The Islamabad High Court heard Sheikh Rasheed's bail application while Advocate General of Islamabad Jahangir Jadoon and former minister's attorney Salman Akram Raja, and SHO Abpara were present. According to Sheikh Rasheed's attorney, the application for bail was made after the arrest. Based on an accusation, the Additional Judge canceled the bail. The accusation was revealed to the court. Sheikh Rasheed is presently detained on court remand, according to Salman Akram, who said that the remark that was broadcast on the media outlet served as the foundation for the case's registration. What charges has Sheikh Rasheed made, the court inquired? On a news station, a statement? Regarding this, Sheikh Rasheed's attorney stated that although he did make a comment that was shown on news channels, there is no proof that it caused a dispute between the PTI as well as the People's Party.

Sheikh Rashid is a political leader, thus his statement should be parliamentary, said Advocate General for Islamabad Jahangir Jadoon at the hearing. In response, the court stated that everyone talks in the same style of speech; all speeches are parliamentary. The courtroom was filled with laughter.

Sabahat Abid


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