Federal Board of Revenue Seizes PIA Accounts for Tax Recovery


Newstoday: FBR recovered the tax of nearly 500 million from PIA-Pakistan international airline. According to the details, PIA is ready to pay Rs 500 million out of the total budget, which is estimated At Rs 2.86 billion tax. Their accounts got sealed by the Federal board of revenue, which was sealed by FBR. It's not the first time it happened in PIA history, and FBR has taken such action against it. In January, FBR froze 53 bank accounts of Pakistan's international airlines for default taxes which is worth 26 billion. Significant effects on Pakistan International Airlines' operations, notably its rural operations, would have resulted from the freezing of the accounts. There were rumors that arrest warrants had been filed for the managing director of Pakistan International Airlines in order to collect the debt.

Sabahat Abid


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