Miss Croatia kicked out of FIFA World Cup stadium for dress

NewsToday: The former Miss Croatia has been expelled from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar because of her inappropriately dressed appearance.

Croatia eliminated Brazil from the mega-event in the first quarterfinal, which was held at the Education City Stadium, winning 4 to 2 on penalties. However, the security guards removed them from the area.

Russia faced the challenge of Brazil in the first quarter-final yesterday, in which the Brazilian team was declared the favorite. Still, Croatia won the match and secured its position in the semi-finals, where they will face Argentina.

The former Miss Croatia is seen defending the unsuitable attire by telling security personnel that she has taken pictures with many individuals and that they are all delighted to meet her.

It should be recalled that Qatar told the spectators before the FIFA World Cup that they would not be permitted to attend the event while donning short dresses (baring the shoulders or above the knee). The nations expressed their strong disapproval of the Qatari regime.

It should be remembered that in Qatar, short dresses during the World Cup can result women fines or even jail time under Muslim law.

Sabahat Abid


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