First Digital Census Launches Today in the Country


Newstoday: Every building will have geotagging as part of the digital census, all home and census data and entries will be automatically saved daily, and door-to-door enumerators will respond to questions using tablet software. 43,838 census Blocks were built throughout 30 districts in the province of Sindh where as more than 10,700 blocks were built in Karachi. For the first time in a household census, the enumerators will record responses to about 25 questions via a tablet, including details on the different types of disabilities experienced by special individuals and transgender people, as well as information on household income. The statistical block will consist of 250–300 households. Moreover, pertinent data will be gathered.

The Federal Bureau of Statistics reports that 28,706 enumerators in Sindh have received training for the digital census. Enumerators won't ask for identification credentials from residents during Pakistan's first digital census; instead, they would count illegal immigrants and non-citizen foreigners separately.

Sabahat Abid


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