Former Head Coach Mickey Arthur to Become Pak Team Director

NewsToday: After an announcement of Mickey Arthur's online head coaching, PCB made another announcement as team director rather than the head coach. Further, the board has decided to terminate him in front of the head coach and is looking for assistant coaches. On the other hand, three assistant coaches will be selected for fielding, bowling, and batting cricket. Sources have said that Grant Bradburn, former test cricketer of New Zealand, can return to Pakistan for cricket setup.

Mickey Arthur made Pakistan win in ICC Championship in 2017, and now he will direct the team and look after all the matters. Mickey Arthur will join the team ODI World cup and Australia tour. Earlier, it was reported that Arthur agreed to take coaching classes until this year's ICC World Cup.  On the other hand, PCB also chooses a chief of staff for Arthur. On the other Islamabad, united general manager Rehaul Haq will appear as team manager in place of Mansoor Rana.

Sabahat Abid


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