Gold Price in Pakistan Drops by Rs 5,700 per Tola in Two Days


Newstoday: There is a continuous fall in the price of gold in Pakistan after the budget announcement and the impending cyclone Biparjoy, bringing a downfall in the gold market. According to the Pakistan jewelers association, data indicate a decrease in the price of gold by 4000 Per tola and a decrease of 3,430 per 10 grams which reached Rs 221,500 and Rs 189,900.

Internationally, the gold market has experienced a 2$ decline and is set at $1,961 per ounce. Over the past two gold sessions, there has been a decline in the prices, which amounted to Rs 5,750. Moreover, it is worth noting that gold is priced at Rs 4,000 per tola lower in Pakistan than in Dubai Market. 


Sabahat Abid


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