Govt Added Imran Khan's Name to ECL-Exit Control List

ECL list

Newstoday: PTI leader Imran Khan tweeted today and thanked the government for adding his name in the ECL list. After thanking the government, he said, "he has no plan to move abroad, nor he has any property in abroad.” The government has added a bundle of names on the list who have not left PTI yet, so they might not be able to fly abroad. He has written in the tweet that he has not any property nor any business set outside the country, not even a bank account.

Anyhow, the ECL or no-fly list is a legal and authorized tool given by the government to the person to restrict their movement from flying abroad. A number of names of political opponents have been added to the exit control list. If we take a bird's eye view of Pakistan's current political condition, we will be able to know that number of PTI members have left the Party after Imran Khan's arrest and the police raid of PTI members' houses, which force the party’s members to stay away from political activities. The top leaders and the ally of Imran Khan left to announce the politics. 2 of the members joined PPP recently after their resignation from the party..


Sabahat Abid


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