Govt Ban on Arranging Summer Camps in Private Schools of Lahore

Pervez Akhtar

Newstoday: Education authority CEO of Lahore, Pervez Akhtar, has told the media about the ban on conducting summer camps in the city. Private schools are not allowed to arrange any kind of summer activity, or exams during the term of the holiday period. Further, he told that the center consists of 3 DEOs, 50 AEOs,, and 12 deputy DEOs which will submit the daily report of the school summer camp ban implementation in the city.

The hired team will visit the different districts and regions and in case, any school is violating the rules, shall be accountable for higher guilty and would face the punishment with a fine. The CEO has said that there will be a thorough ban on any kind of activity whether curricular or extracurricular in school and the parents are allowed to complain to the CEO of the education office, if the school is open.

Sabahat Abid


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