Hadiqa Kayani Completed the Construction of 100 Houses for Flood Victims


Newstoday: Famous singer Hadiqa Kayani has completed the construction of 100 houses for flood victims. Hadiqa Kayani recently said that 100 of the 200 dwellings that will be built as part of her flood campaign, "Wasila Rah," would be built in Balochistan's flood-affected districts. Hadiqa Kayani, a singer and actress expressed her gratitude to people who supported her campaign while speaking to the media on the occasion of the residences' opening. The singer claimed that 100 homes, as well as a school and maternity facility, had been built as a result of her campaign. According to Hadiqa Kayani, a significant portion of the flood victims were dying pregnant women, making creating a maternity home crucial.

She expressed her gratitude to suport the public in started Wasila Rah's campaign. We were able to build 100 homes with their assistance in the Balochistan town of Naseerabad's Tehsil Tambo District. Hadiqa Kayani also expressed her gratitude to the Pakistan Army for helping her with the campaign and making significant contributions.

Sabahat Abid


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