Himalayan Glaciers Could Lose Up To 80% of Their Ice by 2100 , Report


Newstoday:Under worst-case climate scenarios, the world's highest peaks might lose up to 80% of their volume by the end of the century, with catastrophic consequences for millions of people, according to new study by international specialists in Nepal. The report, issued on Tuesday by the (ICIMOD), looked at the impact of climate change on an area covering 1.6 million square miles (4.1 million square kilometers) from Afghanistan in the west to Myanmar in the east.

According to the study, glaciers in the Hindu Kush and Himalaya mountain ranges melted 65% faster in the 2010s than the previous decade, showing that rising temperatures are already having an impact. With a temperature increase of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius. If the global temperature rises to 3 degrees Celsius in Nepal and Bhutan, there is a 75% chance of ice melting. Flooding is expected in Pakistan's Northern and Sindh provinces as ice melts quickly. As previously said, Pakistan has already experienced a disastrous flood era. 

Sabahat Abid


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