IMF Review Mission Will Arrive in Pakistan Today on a 10-Day Visit

NewsToday: The IMF review mission will arrive today in Pakistan for a 10-day visit to review the situation and further talk.The ninth economic review will be the focus of negotiations between the IMF and Pakistan starting on Tuesday. Upon conclusion of the ninth economic review with the IMF, according to sources, the program is likely to go back on track and get $1 billion ten million dollars. During the discussions, a briefing on the $30 billion in damages and costs from the floods, as well as activities relating to tax revenues and exchange rates, will be provided to the IMF.

The current account deficit, energy sector reforms, and the status of the revolving loan and privatization program will all be discussed with the IMF review mission. According to sources, a number of requirements had already been met prior to the arrival of the IMF review team. In addition, a decision about power and gas is anticipated to be made soon, which would open the way for the completion of the economic agreement with the IMF.

Sabahat Abid


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